Broadband Internet Access – Find Out What You’re Missing Using Dial Up

More and more people have broadband internet access today. Broadband refers to high-speed internet services. However, broadband offers much more than high speed.


There are three types of broadband internet access – cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and satellite. Cable internet access is the most widely used broadband service. If you opt for cable broadband access, you can access internet via your cable television wires. This is a very reliable form of internet access which does not interfere with your television signal at all.

DSL internet access is another popular choice amongst customers. In this you access your internet via your phone line. Again you do not have to worry about any interference in your phone line. Moreover, you can use your phone and the internet at the same time. Remember that dial-up internet connection in which you had to keep your phone line free in order to surf the net. Well, you do not have to do so with this connection.

If you do not have cable in your area, you can opt for satellite internet connection. In rural areas, you will find people using this option more. With satellite option you can get a connection if there is a line to the southern sky. The problem with this connection is that it is slower than the other two options and it is also not so reliable. In bad weather, you might have trouble getting internet access.

Still Undecided

If you are still not sure whether broadband internet access is for you or not, then you should consider the following facts.

-Do you currently have access to streaming video and music via your dial up connection? If not then you should check out what you are missing.

-Just think the amount of surfing you would be able to do if your internet connection is able to download faster.

-Do you currently have to free up your phone line in order to access the net? Then imagine how much you will save on phone bill if you have broadband internet.

-With broadband connection you would be able to receive digital photos and email attachments within seconds. Does your dial-up connection allow you to do this?

It is great if you are convinced that broadband internet access is the right option for you. There are many internet providers today – if you search around a bit you will find a good deal.

Which One To Go For

Another thing that you would have to consider when choosing broadband internet is whether to go for cable or Digital Subscriber Line. One really cannot say which one is better because the quality of service depends on many factors. Under certain circumstances, cable connection is better than Digital Subscriber Line and vice versa.

The best way to find out which one is good for you is to talk to internet users in your area. Find out whether they are satisfied with the service of their internet providers or not. Ask general questions about speed and quality of internet access. Based on the information that you get, you can make a choice.

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